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Recommended Business Books

  • “Full of Bull” – Stephen T. McClellan
  • “Blood on the Street” – Charles Gasparino
  • “Running Money” – Andy Kessler
  • “Wall Street Meat” – Andy Kessler
  • “Wall Street” – Doug Henwood
  • “Inside the House of Money” – Steven Drobny
  • “Security Analysis” – Benjamin Graham
  • “Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow” – James P. O’Shaughnessy
  • “What Works on Wall Street” – James P. O’Shaughnessy
  • “Hedgehogging” – Barton Biggs
  • “Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success” – Lisa Endlich
  • “The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade That Transformed Wall Street” – Jonathan A. Knee
  • “Taking Charge of Your Financial Future: Straight talk on managing your money from the financial analyst who defied Donald Trump” – Marvin B. Roffman
  • “The Imperfect Board Member: Discovering the Seven Disciplines of Governance Excellence” – Jim Brown
  • “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t” – Jim Collins
  • “Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time” – Howard Schultz
  • “The Starbucks Experience” – Joseph Michelli
  • “Finding The Next Starbucks” – Michael Moe
  • “Common Sense Business” – Steve Gottry
  • “The Real Thing: Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company” – Constance L. Hays
  • “Panasonic: The Largest Corporate Restructuring In History” – Francis McInerny
  • “The Total Quality Corporation” – Francis McInerney & Sean White
  • “Making Money in Real Estate” – Douglas Gray
  • “High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built” – Caroline Van Hasselt
  • “Everything I Needed to Know About Business…I Learned from a Canadian” – Leonard Brody
  • “Conspiracy of Fools” – Kurt Eichenwald
  • “Winning” – Jack Welch
  • “A Billion Bootstraps” – Philip Smith & Eric Thurman


Recommended Publications

  • Fortune
  • Forbes
  • Barrons
  • BusinessWeek
  • Active Trader
  • The Economist
  • Canadian Business
  • Report on Business
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Post

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information”
Gordon Gekko

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